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 Monday through Friday 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

1747 North State Route 1
Watseka, IL 60970

Assistant Engineer
Doug Butzow
Maintenance II
Kevin Woodby
Chris Cooper
Maintenance I
Darren DeWitt
Maintenance I
Greg Grills
Administrative Assistant
Susan Watts

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Iroquois County Highway Department Snow Removal Policy

The Iroquois County Highway Department operates on one shift of personnel. It is the intent of the Iroquois County Highway Department to provide safe and reasonable winter driving conditions on County Highways for the general public. It must be noted at present time approximately 50% of snow removal on County Highways is contracted through local townships and they are not bound by the county’s policy.

Snow removal operations are a function of the maintenance department. It is under the direction of the County Engineer, Assistant County Engineer, and Maintenance Supervisor. Call out can be implemented by any one of the three above mentioned individuals.

Snow removal operations will normally commence after an accumulation of two inches of snow. It is the intent of the Iroquois County Highway Department to have one pass on all county maintained routes by 7:00 Am., Monday thru Friday, and 9:00 am Saturday and Sunday.

Normal work hours are 7:30am to 4:00pm. For the purpose of snow removal hours may begin as early as 4:00am and if conditions exist, end at 8:00 pm.  It is the intent of the Iroquois County Highway Department to never have an individual work more than a 16 hour shift without a minimum of 8 hours time off between shifts.

The Iroquois County Highway Department does not have a “bare pavement” policy. First priority is to plow and make passable all routes. Second is to apply a traction material to bridges, curves, and intersections that are ice covered. This material may be sand, CA16’s, or a mixture. This application may be subject to availability and or weather conditions.

It is the position of the Iroquois County Highway Department that there can and may exist conditions that may require the suspension of snow removal operations for the safety of both the Iroquois County Highway Department employees and the general public. Some such conditions could be sustained high wind with blowing snow, limiting visibility, or a prolonged ice storm.  Work will resume when conditions subside to allow for the safe removal of snow and ice. If operations are halted for more than 24 hours the county engineer will notify local media outlets to have a notice posted.

It is the intent of the Iroquois County Highway Department to maintain the County Highway system as efficiently and economically as feasibly possibly. Inconvenience to motorists while regrettable is unavoidable.  Motorists must use extreme caution when driving in inclement weather.  This policy in no way guarantees the safety on the public while operating their vehicle.