Iroquois County Seal

The Iroquois County Board encourages input from the public. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that citizens are allowed time to present their views pertaining to issues concerning Iroquois County while permitting the County Board to conduct their meetings in an effective manner.

  1. Public comments shall be limited to five minutes per person unless the chairman grants additional time as needed and within reasonable time limits. The total time limit for public comments is thirty minutes unless extended by the chairman.
  2. The chairman may deny a citizen’s request to speak if the individual has addressed the Board on the same subject within the past two months.
  3. If a group with similar views on an issue wishes to speak during public comment period the Board asks that a spokesperson be selected to address the Board. Redundancy and repetition does not facilitate an orderly and efficient meeting.
  4. Public comments are strongly encouraged to cover topics related to the agenda of the Iroquois County Board and may include old business items not currently before the Board.
  5. The public comment time is not a question and answer session and Board members are not obligated to respond to any comments or questions. Citizens who wish to speak with individual Board members are encouraged to directly contact Board members before or after an open meeting to discuss Board issues.
  6. Citizens making public comments shall respect the privilege and refrain from the use of inappropriate language, innuendos, or other offensive actions or gestures.
  7. Public Comments is not a forum to be used by political candidates to advance their candidacy for any public office.