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Emergency Preparedness

 Staff: Scott Anderson, Director of Public Health Emergency Preparedness

1001 East Grant Street
Watseka, IL 60970

If you believe that you have been exposed to a biological or chemical agent, or if you believe an intentional biological threat will occur or is occurring, please contact your local police or other law enforcement agency and/or your local health department.

The Iroquois County Public Health Department is charged with providing the citizens of Iroquois County with a plan that will ensure Public Health response to any overt threat whether natural or man-made. Emergency preparedness includes identifying the crisis at hand as well as providing education and media information as appropriate to the public.

Bio-terrorism Preparedness and Response Emergency/Disaster Plan

The Plan for preparedness and response to an overt threat or a suspected biologic weapons incident is a part of the Iroquois County Public Health Department’s overall emergency and disaster plan (All Hazards Plan) which addresses crisis and consequence management for all emergencies. The responsibility and authority for assuring that the plan is implemented, when necessary, belongs to the Iroquois County Public Health Department. In the event of a biologic emergency, the Iroquois County Public Health Department would, most likely, be delegated the responsibility for coordinating the response. A plan for the distribution of strategic national stockpile medication dispensing has also been completed. The purpose is to establish policies, procedures and guidelines for the dispensing of mass medications and/or vaccinations to the residents of Iroquois County and to anyone who may be traveling through the county in the event of a bioterrorist attack, disease outbreak, or other natural or man-made disaster. In order to respond to an actual event in initiating this Plan, coordination and support of multiple agencies and community partners will be necessary.

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